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Sandro has been appointed editor-in-chief of Hollywood International Filmmaker Magazine, a glossy new publication for movie industry professionals reporting on the latest news, rules, tech and opportunities in the global industry. Sandro recently hosted the Los Angeles Venture Capital Awards...

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Here is a link to watch my latest business analyst appearance on CNN, discussing Sean Parker’s fascinating plan, Screening Room, which threatens to disrupt the movie industry.

Marilyn and Sinatra

Sandro is the writer and director of a smash hit play which has toured the world and is now available as a special radio play audio version from Click here. ‘Marilyn and Sinatra’ tells the little known tale of a short lived romance between the two showbiz...

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National Arts & Entertainment Journalism Awards in Dec 2015. Sandro actually owns his own country – a micro- nation called Sandropolis. He is a licensed exorcist. Scary but true. And an ordained minister. Keen on football, he once had a trial to play alongside David Beckham for the...

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