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Here is a link to watch my latest business analyst appearance on CNN, from this week, discussing Sean Parker’s fascinating plan, Screening Room, which threatens to disrupt the movie industry. http://www.snappytv.com/tc/1631428

Marilyn and Sinatra

Sandro is the writer and director of a smash hit play which toured the world in 2016 and will be coming out soon in a special audio version. 'Marilyn and Sinatra' tells the little known tale of a short lived romance between the two showbiz icons. Starring Erin Gavin and Jeff Bratz, it enjoyed...

Sandro on CNN

Sandro is frequently seen as an entertainment analyst on CNN.

Spotlite: The Farce ...

In February 2016 Sandro wrote and directed the hilarious short film 'Spotlite: The Farce Awakens,' a parody of Spotlight and other recent...

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